FPDC attends Compass City Games for Special Children at MTFA Ground [PICS & VIDS]

Lahore, 12 Nov:  The glittering Compass City Games concluded at Model Town Football Academy (MTFA) Ground, Lahore. Compass (Centre of Mentally and Physically Affected Special Students) is a non-profit Lahore-based organization for children with special needs.

The society and supporting great causes is as important to FootballPakistan.Com (FPDC) as anything else (football).

FPDC Lahore correspondents Gauhar Mahmood Azeem and Assaam Sani went to the Compass Games for Special Children at Model Town Football Academy ground Lahore, today to witness Special Children from multiple schools in Lahore enjoying themselves by participating in and playing various games including football.

And they have these fine pictures and videos to show for their endeavour. Different schools that participated in the event are as follows, Rahein, Compass, Rising Sun. In attendance was MTFA Chairman, Mian Rizwan Ali who also met with our two staffers and discussed the importance of such sporting activity towards special children, as well as general issues related to football in Pakistan as well the MTFA establishment.

The Compass City Games on Friday morning was a very vibrant event, starting with “Tilawat” and National Anthem which followed the captivating scene of March past by all the athletes and their teachers. The hallmark of the sports day was the participation of each and every child in different sports according to their abilities. After lighting the torch and flag raising, the athletes took the heart warming oath along with their teachers and the thrilling sports events started. These included 20 M race, 20 M Hurdles Race, 4 X 20 M Relay Race, Softball Throw, Football skills ( 2-6 years),

Baloons War ( 2-6 years), 3 Leg Race, contersted by six schools namely Compass Special Education, Rising Sun ( DHA), Rising Sun (Moghalpura), Turning Point, Rahien, Kids Inn.

“The rules for each sport were set according to the international standards of Special Olympics. Hurdle race events for the parents and siblings of special kids were also organized for their active participation. Rejoice of parents, siblings and athletses were unmatched during the whole sports day. All children tried to give their best and the zest was galore. The faces of the special children shimmering with aplomb and success possessed the hearts of audience.” stated by Compass Director Shermeen Alam.

Medals and certificates were awarded to the children for their best performance in sports by Shermeen who also thanked Mian Rizwan Ali, head of MTFA and Fairplay NGOs, for extending all sort of cooperation needed and his support for welfare of special children will ever be remembered. Mian Rizwan also awrded a ball to each participants on behalf of his Academy and NGOs.

Certificates were also given to the teachers, sports committee members and management staff for their active participation in the event. Director, chief Guest and trustees admitted the efforts of sports committee and teachers for organizing such a high energy event.

In the end a friendship circle was formed by all staff of COMPASS, chief guest and trustees and that was a symbol of unity and a promise to our own selves to fly higher and touch the zenith.


Throws (Magic Ball) : 1. Raza (Rahein), 2.Musa Omer (Compass), 3. Mahnoor Jawad (Compass)

Throws (Tennis Ball): 1. Musa Ghufran (Rahein), Hassan Ahmed (Compass) Hassan Usman (Compass), 2.M.Ali (Rising DHA), M.Ali ( TP),Ahmed imam ( Compass) 3.Zenab and Mahnoor (Turning point)

Throws (Base Ball) : 1. Taha (TP), Ahmed Sufyan ( Rahein), Raffey (Rising Sun, DHA) 2.Basit (Rahein), Faisal (Rising Sun, DHA), Habib ( rising Sun, DHA) 3. Noshu (Rising Sun, M), Amian Mujahid, Haadi ( Compass)

Throws (Soft Ball) : 1. Alishaba ( Rising Sun, DHA), Ashna, Rimsha Junaid (Compass),  2.Bilal Naveed ( RS, DHA), Omar, Mahnoor (Compass),  3.Omer ( Rahein), Mariam, Ali Qasir (Compass)

Running (Female):1. Mahnoor Habib ( Rahein), Sylla ( Compass), 2. Eaman Habib ( Rahein), Mahnoor ( Compass),3. Zenab( TP), Ramsha javerd ( Compass)

Running (Male) : Balil Khan ( RS, M), Omer (Compass) 2. Ahmed Said (RS, DHA), Danish ( Compass) 3. M.Hassan (RS, DHA), Ahad ( TP)

Kicking (3-5 Years): 1. Tehreem ( compass),2.  M.Ali ( RS, DHA),3.M.Ali ( TP)

Kicking (6-7 Yrs): 1. Musa Ghufran (Rahein), 2. Musa Omer (Compass), Faisal ( RS, DHA), Ibrahim ( Compass)

Kicking (Open): 1.Hamza (Compass), Ahsan Shafaq (RS, M) 2. Hassan Ahmed (Compass), Raffay ( RAS, DHA) 3. Hassan Usman (Compass), Sumbal ( RS, DHA)

Apple : (4-6 Yrs) : Mahnoor Jawad (Compass), Taha (TP), Tehreem (Compass)

Apple (8-12 Yrs):1. Ahmed Imam (Compass), Hamza (Compass) 3. Mahnoor (TP)

3 Leg :1. Salman, Saad, Sylla (Compass), Mahnoor Habib ( Rahein) 2. Bilal Khan ( RS,M), Aliyan ( RS, DHA), Danish, Ali Qasir (Compass) 3. Ahmed Sufyan ( Rahein), M.Hassan (RS, DHA), Ahmed Faraz ( TP), Mariam (Compass)

Walk:1. Alishba ( RS,DHA), Ahmed Imam, Salman, Mariam (Compass), 2. Taha (RS, DHA), Basit,Omer (Rahein),Ali Qasir ( Compass) 3. Amina Zahid, Haseeb Nasir (RS, M), Haadi (Compass), Tabish ( TP)