Inside the Press Conference thanks to a volunteer fan from Lahore!

One of our followers from Lahore, Sheraz Tariq, took my general request for any Lahore-based people to go and personally attend the press conference today and take some pictures as well as give a brief analysis of how it went.

Great guy. He just went on his own without even thinking about it! He loves this game and he has amazing determination to do what is necessary.

This is what he wrote in his email to me:

Dear Mr Ali Ahsan

Hope you will be doing well. First of all i apologize that pictures are not of good quality as i was not able to get a good camera next time i will get better quality pictures and videos too.




I have attend the press conference my Mr Graham Roberts, I also ask him few questions by mentioning that i am here representing I also talked with Mr Clem Leech in details during the refreshments.

Here i am mentioning few things out of the press conference.

Mr Roberts said that he is ready to take challenge to take Pakistan team for a good performance in 16 Asian games. When i asked him about players he said that i have met him in morning they all are very excited to have me between them and most important thing is that they are keen to learn. When i ask him about his strategy he added that Pakistan players have worked a lot on their physical condition during camp so now my main intention will be to increase their game approach and tactics. I will try to develop the strategy that we can give tough time to Oppositions in Asian Games and can hopefully make through knock out stage that will be big achievement for Pakistan if we able to do so

Giving answer of a question about his contract he said that he is now here for two months initially and if he will feel comfortable and PFF decided to go along with him in future he will be more happy to coach Pakistan.

He said my full concentration is on n Asian Games now but if I will have a opportunity to wok with Pakistan for a long time I definitely have good long term plans to execute for betterment of Football in Pakistan and to take Pakistan on a good stage in world teams.

He said that changes does not come in a night it will take time to organize Pakistani football structure.
He said that in future he will try to get 4-5 good Pakistani players in English league I or II clubs that they can compete with international players and show their worth.

He added that he will also try to get Pakistan U-14 players in academies of English clubs for their growth as U-14 had a good tournament in IRAN this year.

He said that i will try to get more European based Pakistani players in national team and organize them that they can play constantly for Pakistan and produce positive results for Pakistan team.
It was mentioned by PFF Officials that Mr Roberts will be paid completely by the sponsors and not a single rupee from government of Pakistan. PFF Official pass thanks to sponsors for that kind act.

Mr Leech the Director of Touch sky sports said that He is currently working to schedule some matches of Pakistan international XI with some renowned clubs in English league. He mentioned Bradford City FC, West Bromwich Albion and Leicester City etc.

I also advised Mr leech to coordinate with PFF to regionalize the PPL teams that more views can bring in the ground to support pakistan football. He appreciated that suggestion and said he will pass this to PFF offcials.

Thanks and that is it for this session.

Ali Ahsan Sahib i have a plan to visit Punjab stadium after one week in order to get interview of coach and Mr Robert and players during their training to know how they have have worked with coach in last week. i will also get good pictures and videos at that time. What about this idea.


Best Regards

Sheraz Tariq

God bless you for your help Sheraz. Cheers!