PFF to host Asian Coaches Day on Saturday

Lahore, 29 October: Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) will celebrate the AFC’s Asian Coaches Day by encouraging all current and former football players around the country to get in contact with a current or former coach who has had a positive influence on their careers. The celebration of Asian coaches this year marked by the upcoming Asian Coaches Day this October 30 has drawn an encouraging response from Member Associations.

’Several Member Associations have replied to AFC’s invitation to hold activities to celebrate the contribution of coaches to Asian football.They will touch base with their mentors whether by phone, text, email, facebook, twitter or in person, to thank them for their support,” said Pakistan Football Federation (PFF)’s President Makhdoom Syed Faisal Saleh Hayat

During the day at Faisalabad University of Agriculture Ground, Football Youth Development Cerntre (FYDC) of AFC B Course Muhammad Habib and AFC C Course Tanveer Ahmed will be in action when the Centre will put their U19 team at 2.30 PM. Habib will field FYDC Agriculture University while FYDC Ghok Kharian will represent Tanveer on Saturday.
Asian Coaches Day will be observed on Saturday (October 30, 2010) throughout the region as the AFC celebrates 2010 as Asian Coaches Year.

Muhammad Habib, coach of Pakistan WAPDA, is a firm believer that if Australia wants to be a world power in world football, they will need better coaches to produce better players.

Habib said: “Sometimes the role that a coach plays in the development of a player goes largely unrecognised. Today, we are asking everyone who is involved in football to say a simple thank you to the people who have helped them develop and enjoy their football experience.

“Alongside developing the technical ability of young players, developing the quality of coaches in Australia is one of the spearheads of the National Football Curriculum.

“We are currently working to improve the technical level of coaches and offering opportunities to those that are interested at coaching at higher levels through our advanced coaching licenses.

“With the implementation of these initiatives, Pakistan is well placed to be a competitive player on the world stage,” concluded Habib whose Pakistan WAPDA is well on the way to win the title for the eighth time. There are an estimated 500 football coaches around Pakistan with the vast majority holding a Community or Advanced coaching licence.