First-ever AFC C-Certificate Women Football Coaching Course

Lahore, 23 September : “Playing football, for most of us, is an easy sport. But to be aware of the technical aspects of the game is a different ball game altogether. Although the sport is gaining popularity, more training infrastructure is required in this part of the South Asia.” this is stated by Iranian Instructor Nader Arabi during first-ever AFC C-Certificate Women Football Coaching Course that commenced at Lahore’s FIFA Football House, Ferozpur Road on 20 September.The 13-day course, having 22 participants, will come to an end on 2 October 2010.

He also praised Pakistan Football Federation (PFF)’s President’s Faisal Saleh Hayat’s vision, long-term planning and according to him coaches will play vital role in this regard. The Course will enable the 22 participants to take this challenge. Before advent of Faisal Saleh Hayat, there were seldom any courses but now PFF managing courses after courses in Faisal reign. Myself is fourth Iranian to run such Course on Pakistan soil during past three years after Majid Jalali (June 2007), Ardeshir Pournemat (December 2007, November 2009) and Ali Akbar Pourmoslemi (Feb-March 2009),” said Tehran-born Nader.

Nader, 54, is AFC Instructor since 2000 and he was coach of Iran during AFC Women’s Asian Cup that was played in Vietnam from 28 May – 8 June 2008.”At the moment, there are three levels of license courses issued to professional coaches – C, B and A levels of license. An introductory license course covering the basic rules, regulations, nutrition and issues relating to sports medicine has now been made mandatory to qualify for C license course by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC). This introductory course is meant for sports teachers, national and state-level football players, coaches and others who are involved in the teaching and promotion of football in Pakistan'” said Nader who also coached Iran U17 National Women team in 2009.

“AFC C- Certificate Coaching Course aims at training coaches and developing their basic techniques and skills in football. It is designed to teach the coaches to organise, direct and conduct basic coaching practices targeting especially young players. The course lasts 13 days and requires a minimum of 85 hours of study time for both the practical and theoretical sessions. In the final examination, students will be assessed on their practical coaching abilities, knowledge of the laws of the game, in addition to learning and understanding of the theory contents of football, “ added PFF’s Secretary General Lt.Col ® Ahmed Yar Khan Lodhi.

Coming schedule of course:

24 Sep : Coaching Practice-I (7.30-9 AM), Physical Preparation of Young Players (10-11.30 AM), The foundation of team building (3.00-4.30 PM), Shooting (5-6.30 PM)

25 Sep: Heading (7.30-9 AM), Laws of the Game & Fairplay (10-11.30 AM), Laws of the Game & Fairplay (3.00-4.30 PM), Running with the ball and tackling (5-6.30 PM)

26 Sep : Defending play 1 (7.30-9 AM), Basic Tactics and Strategies (10-11.30 AM), Examination of Laws of the Game (3.00-4.30 PM), Defending Play II (5-6.30 PM)

27 Sep: Coaching Practise II (7.30-9 AM), three Main moments of Football (10-11.30 AM), Defining Football Problems (3.00-4.30 PM), Coaching practice II (5-6.30 PM)

28 Sep: Coaching Practise II (7.30-9 AM), Coaching Method (10-11.30 AM), Use of Resources (3.00-4.30 PM), Goalkeeping (5-6.30 PM)

29 Sep: Attacking Play – Creative Play (7.30-9 AM), Factors of Performance (10-11.30 AM), Hygiene, Sports Safety, Injury Prevention and First Aid (3.00-4.30 PM), Attacking play (5-6.30 PM)

30 Sep : Small sided Games (7.30-9 AM), Nutrition (10-11.30 AM), Examination Preparation (3.00-4.30 PM), Youth Competition Basic Strategies (5-6.30 PM)

1 Oct : Team Organisation in II v II (7.30-9 AM), Examination prepration (10-11.30 AM), Theory Examination I General (3.00-4.30 PM), Coaching Practise III (5-6.30 PM)

2 Oct : Coaching Practice III (7.30-9 AM), Examination Preparation (10-11.30 AM), Theory Examination II Specific (3.00-4.30 PM), Coaching Practise III (5-6.30 PM)