PFF Congress on August 7; changes in PFF statutes expected

Kuala Lumpur: August 7, 2010, will be a red-letter day in the history of Pakistan football when the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) will amend its statutes on the principles of FIFA Standard Statutes.

The amendments will include reorganisation of some of the standing committees.

The PFF Congress will also vote to abolish the women’s wing and give full powers of serving and developing women’s football in this South Asian country to the women’s committee.

The two members of the women’s wing, who are part of the PFF Executive Committee, will no longer be in the executive committee. The executive committee will have president, three vice-presidents, eight members from provinces (two from each province) and three members from Services organisation.

The PFF will also embrace modern football practices by giving selection powers to the head coach. The amendments also include re-formation of the selection committee which will have head coach as chairman and assistant coach as deputy chairman. Four members of the technical committee of the PFF, two former national captains and technical director will also be part of the process.

The PFF Congress will be held PFF Headquarters in Lahore at 1.30pm local time.