Vision Asia team to tour Pakistan next week

KARACHI: A six-member Vision Asia team of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) is scheduled to land in Lahore on Sunday night to hold a series of discussions with the officials of the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) regarding the various administrative and football activities in the country.

The secretary of the PFF Col Ahmad Yar Khan Lodhi told ‘The News’ that the delegation headed by Branden will stay till June 25 and will hold a series of meetings with the top officials of the different departments of the federations as well as the head coach of Pakistan team George Kottan and the Youth Development Officer Shehzad Anwar.

Lodhi said that the delegation will be briefed about the league structure, youth development programme and the administrative activities of the PFF. He said that the provincial and district structure will also come under discussion.

The members will also attend the PFF Congress meeting to be held on June 24 at the PFF headquarters in the Punjab capital. It is pertinent to mention here that the Vision Asia programme will help Pakistan take a fresh start towards development of football.

Through the programme Pakistan will get all the technical assistance from the AFC in various fields which would pave the way for the growth of the game.

In Bangladesh, Bahrain, China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Oman, Vietnam and Thailand, Vision Asia programme has already been initiated. Pakistan were lucky to come into its fold recently and will help it develop its standard in the game.

Vision Asia is the AFC’s grand plan for a continent-wide programme to raise the standards of football at all levels.