Improve your knowledge and level of expertise as coach : Aliakbar Pourmoslemi

AFC C-Certificate Football Coaching Course 2009

Lahore , 27 Feb : “Watching a lot of football, and hopefully picking up some skills from favourite players is useful, but not the same as learning how to play soccer from a professional qualified soccer coach. So Improve your knowledge and level of expertise as coach have a big value in every game. Gain confidence in your particular discipline. Gain an official recognized football qualification,” this is stated by 56-year-old Iranian FIFA/AFC Instructor Aliakbar Pourmoslemi during ongoing AFC C-Certificate Football Coaching Course 2009, under Pakistan Football Federation (PFF), at FIFA Football House, Lahore today.

Aliakbar, who played for Iranian outfit PAS Hamedan Football Club and Tehran University team from 1975-78, made it clear that only those who attend the classes and practical training regularly during the four sessions would be awarded participation certificate. Instructor since 1981, Aliakbar has been conducting coaching course in Asia for several years now. He has imparted his knowledge and skills to football coaches in Tehran, Ahvaz, Zanjan, Hamedan, Mazandaran, Tabriz, Lorestan, Shiraz, Isfahan etc since 2002.

Head Coach of PAS Hamedan Football Club 1994 and coach of Iran U11, U18 teams in 2004, 2005, Aliakbar told the participants today about Coaching Practice 1 and Shooting in theory session, followed by the Development of Young Footballers & Foundation of Team Building during practical session. The Course Program of AFC C-Certificate Coaching Course 2009 will continue with Practical Session (PS) from 7.30 to 9 AM and 6 to 7.30 PM, Theory Session (TS) from 10.30 AM to 12 Noon and 3.30 to 4.30 PM

28 Feb :

PS : Heading and Running with the Ball and Tackling

TS : Basic Anatomy & Exercise Physiology and Physical preparation of young players.

2 March :

PS : Defending Play-1 & Defending Play-2

TS : Three main Moments in Football & Basic Tactics and Strategies

3 March :

PS : Coaching Practice 2

TS : Talent Scouting & Defining Football Problems

4 March :

PS : Coaching Practice 2 & Goal Keeping

TS : Coaching Method and Use of Resources

5 March :

PS : Attacking – Creative play & Attacking Play

TS : Factors of Performance, Injury Prevention & Health Care

6 March :

PS : Small-sided games & Youth Competition basic Strategies

TS : Nutrition & Supplementation and Examination Preparation

7 March :

PS : Team Organization in 11 v 11 & Coaching Practice 3

TS : Examination Preparation & Theory Examination 1 (General)

8 March :

PS : Coaching Practice 3

TS : Examination preparation & theory examination 2 (Specific)

Closing Ceremony