Exclusive Statement by Abbas Akeem on the Wohaib club Issue

Manager Wohaib Club, Bilal Butt, told ‘The News’ from Lahore on Sunday that the club had given Abbas the chance to play in the Premier League only on the request of club’s owner Hafiz Salman Butt’s friend Sharafat Hussain Bukhari and no contract of compensation was offered to him.

Abbas: But they never tell me I will play for free! Sharafat did not tell me he will use me to make friendship with the president of the club, he always tell me don’t be verry worry about this Issue since the first Day.

However Mr. Butt revealed that Abbas was not a talented player and the club was not bound to offer him any sort of contract. “He was given chances in few matches but he failed to impress the management. Had he left any impression during the league, the club could have given him a contract,” Butt said.

Abbas: I wonder how I managed to play 11 matches without been Talented or Good, and also I wonder how the President and Management of this club (especially Mr. Bilal Butt) judge my not been good afterall they did not see 10 away matches I played, I had little injury in the 10th match played against PMC in Faslabad and I played only one match as a subtitude in home ground.
“So, how was I given chances in home matches? as that was the only avenue to impress the management” the person to witness my game is Mr. Mehmood Asst coach who took us to different locations for the game and the players of the team if they are not going to denie me by now. But I tried to make 1 video clip by myself as future reference in the Karachi match it seems to be my witness now.

Abbas was quoted a local newspaper on Sunday that he was contacted by Malik Riaz, a German-based Pakistani football aficionado, who introduced him to Sharafat, an employee of PTCL based in Islamabad.

The player alleged that Sharafat had assured him that he will receive the contract once he will land in Pakistan.

However Sharafat denied any such promise with the Nigerian player and said: “Malik (Riaz) had told me that Abbas was interested in playing in Pakistan. I was then in contact with Abbas through e-mails for some time.

How dare him denie me now? he told me there will be contract and payment of my Ticket for coming down here, so as I gave this information to Nawa e Waqt press member on my arrival date and this was published by the News paper in Urdu Language (twice).
Yes I told Mr Malik Riaz I am interested in the Pakistani League, so he helped my future for given me an invitaion letter and he connected me with Mr. Sharafat as he is Pakistani base, so therefore Mr. Sharaft is standing as my Agent/Manager here in Pakistan before he get me connected to Wohaib Club but he assure me of my Ticket and Contract.

“After a while I even told him that he should not come to Pakistan due to security complications which had erupted in the country after suicide bombers had attacked former premier Benazir Bhutto on her arrival to Karachi on October 18, 2007.

“But Abbas told me that he has got a visa and is coming to Pakistan. “When he came to Pakistan, I told the owner of Wohaib club that Abbas should be accommodated as he wants to play in the Premier League.

Abbas: Sharafat had never stop me not to come pakistan for any reason, he only told me on the 1st Oct 2007 that I should change my arrival date from 6th to 15th of Oct 2007. I have record of this!

Moreover, the incident of Benizir Butto was on October 18, 2007. but I arrived on 16th Oct 2007, this is a clear lie.
Further, Mr Sharafat told me that I should not worry about my Ticket and other payment that he will discuss with the president of the club and they will arrange everything for me, I have really tried every effort to make contract after Islamabad 4 matches but the president of the club could not be found on those days as he is bussy in political aspect and whenever I tried to call Sharafat he didn’t pick my call again, if I mail him, he replied me with different escuses.
Then I tought maybe they will arrange everything for me on my returning back home, but I am very disappointed in what the club president odered to give me at the end of eveything.

Sharafat: “And on my request, he (Abbas) was given a chance to play in the league. But no contract or any sort of compensation was promised to the Nigerian,” Sharafat concluded. Meanwhile, Secretary Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) Col. Ahmad Yar Khan Lodhi told ‘The News’ that a similar complaint was sent by Abbas to the federation just two days back.

Abbas: but Sharafat had never inform me there will not be contract or how can I come all the way from Nigeria to pakistan and play football for free? whenever I ask him, he was always giving me exscuses

Wohaib Club: But the Nigerian had no documentary proof of any agreement with the Wohaib Club — which goes against the player as per rules. However, Lodhi said that in spite of it, PFF will try to help him.
But the Nigerian had no documentary proof of any agreement with the Wohaib Club — which goes against the player as per rules. However, Lodhi said that in spite of it, PFF will try to help him.
Meanwhile Abbas, himself, admitted his blunder (of not having any documented proof) he had committed and told ‘The News’: “This is the only reason why I cannot claim anything as I have not signed any written deal with Wohaib Club. I was enthusiastic to play in Pakistan but my blunder closed every door on me.”

Abbas: I tried to make a contract but I couldn’t get any documented proof from these people as they were just turning me around. but i don’t expect Mr Sharafat and The club’s President to cheat me even if I don’t have document to proof for we are both muslims, as I was decieved. I was worried especially when my Visa was due and I told Mr Mouzam and Mr Sharafat that my visa has dued many times but they did not renew it for me, they keep telling me don’t worry, then I totally understand that these people doesn’t have good plan for me.

*I have played 11 matches for this club in the league, so they should pay me for the matches I have played, so as I want $500 (Five hundred Us dollar) per each matches I played for them.

*Also they should give me certificate of playing in the Pakistan Premier League for reference in my Career.

*They should give me NOC to be able to return to my country safely, for I stayed with them through out my visa expired, which they did not renew for me.