Pakistan move up 15 places in FIFA World Rankings

Lahore, 25 November : Pakistan has leapt up 15 places to 166th in the latest FIFA World Ranking rankings after their famous 0-0 draw with Asian title holder Iraq at Syrian capital Damascus last month.

The heroics of Akhtar Mohiouddin’s men at Abbasiyyin Stadium mean they overtake their arch rivals in South Asia – Sri Lanka and Nepal. The beginning of the year saw Pakistan 171th, behind South Asian Nations – Sri Lanka, India, Maldives and Nepal. They went further down to 181 but returned back to respectable berths. Pakistan is now only behind India and Maldives in the region, and outpaced Bangladesh, Sri Lanka who joined Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan in bottom zone when FIFA published their November Ranking.

The rankings system was revised after the World Cup in July and results from the last four years rather than eight are now being taken into account. ” the first newly-styled FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking was published on 12 July 2006 . FIFA have acknowledged the need for a substantial revision and their experts have come up with a satisfactory solution for a new way of calculating the ranking. They are aware that it is difficult to meet everybody’s expectations, but are confident that the new system will provide an accurate measure of the strength of every member associations,” stated by Pakistan Football Federation (PFF)’s President Makhdoom Syed Faisal Saleh Hayat who congratulated officials and players of National team and hoped that they will go all for win in next year’s AFC Challenge Cup at Chinese Taipei.

Since its introduction in August 1993, the World Ranking has become a regular part of international sports reports and an important indicator for FIFA’s 208 member associations to find out where their respective teams stand in world football and how they are progressing.

“the increasingly high profile of the world ranking also attracted some criticism indicating that its calculation formula was too complicated. Therefore, last year, the FIFA Technical and Development Committee and the FIFA Football Committee decided to revise the ranking in order to simplify the way in which it is calculated, ” adde d by Faisal, under whom Pakistan’s Ranking jumped from 177th in March 2005 to 153 in June 2006.

Argentina is current leader of FIFA ranking while in Asia, Syria (109th, up 17), Korea DPR (117th, up 12), and fast-charging Pakistan (166th, up 15) catch the eye. The FIFA Ranking currently assesses 207 nations, as Sao Tome and Principe are no longer classified due to a lack of footballing activity. The next Ranking will be published on 17 December 2007.


1 Japan

2 Iran

3 Korea Republic

4 Australia

5 Saudi Arabia

6 Uzbekistan

7 Iraq

8 Oman

9 China PR

10 Qatar

11 United Arab Emirates

12 Bahrain

13 Syria

14 Thailand

15 Korea DPR

16 Kuwait

17 Jordan

18 Turkmenistan

19 Hong Kong

20 Singapore

21 Indonesia

22 Tajikistan

23 Kyrgyzstan

24 Lebanon

25 Vietnam

26 Yemen

27 India

28 Maldives

29 Myanmar

30 Malaysia

31 Chinese Taipei

32 Pakistan

33 Palestine

34 Sri Lanka

35 Bangladesh

36 Laos

37 Mongolia

38 Philippines

39 Cambodia

40 Nepal

41 Brunei Darussalam

42 Afghanistan

43 Macau

44 Bhutan

45 Guam

46 Timor-Leste