Elections of PFF

LAHORE,Oct 3 (APP)- President, Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) Faisal Saleh Hayat will chair PFF Congress on Thursday , which will elect office bearers of the body at FIFA Football House.

“ The Congress is the meeting at which all of the Members of PFF regularly convene. It represents the supreme and legislative authority of PFF. Only a Congress that is regularly convened has the authority to make decisions,” explained PFF’s Secretary General Lt. Col. (retd) Ahmed Yar on Wednesday.

All the members of PFF Congress Electrol College (PCEC) will attend the meeting which will start at 4 PM.
PCEC is comprised 21 members as per break-up : Punjab 3, NWFP 3, Sindh 3, Balochistan 3, Pakistan WAPDA 1, Pakistan Railways 1, Pakistan International Airlines 1, Pakistan Police 1, Higher Education Commission 1, Pakistan Army 1, Pakistan Navy 1, Pakistan Air Force 1 and Pakistan Football Referees Association 1. They will elect PFF Executive Committee for the term 2007-11.

“ This will be the first time that the PFF elections will be conducted as per the new constitution of the Federation, adopted at a special PFF Meet held on March 3, 2007. The constitution of the PFF has been amended and adopted on the advice of the FIFA ( International Football Federation) “,he said.

Faisal Saleh Hayat had already been retained as PFF President unopposed last March and he will also head the PFF Executive Committee for the next four years. Others vying for place into PFF Executive Committee are three Vice Presidents (one of whom shall be Senior Vice President), eight provincial members, three organizational members and two females belonging to Women Wing.