PFF impose 10-year ban on former Secretary Arshad Lodhi

Lahore, 10 July : Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) has imposed 10-year ban on former PFF Secretary General Muhammad Arshad Khan Lodhi for holding any office of Football Association/Federation and taking part in any football activity. The decision was taken on the recommendations of PFF Disciplinary Committee Chairman Moin Rauf. In addition a fine of Rs. two lac has also been fined to Arshad Lodhi, sitting President of Punjab Football Association, after having found him guilty of violation of PFF Code of Conduct and Discipline along with his colleagues Chaudhry Abdul Rasheed and Anees Ahmed Khan Lodhi. Rasheed, Member PFF Congress, and Anees, President Lahore District Football Association, have also been awarded punishment of a similar ban for 5 years along with a fine of Rs. 50,000 each.
The PFF Disciplinary Committee has found all of them guilty of violation of Para 2c and 2n of PFF Code of Conduct and Discipline according to which officials/PFF staff including Congress members, Provincial Associations, people working with Provincial Associations, Referees, Coaches, Players etc. are not allowed to take any action against the interest of PFF or make any statements or address letters to Media concerning the affairs of the PFF officials.
PFF Disciplinary Committee kept following factors in mind before recommending disciplinary action against Arshad Lodhi and his colleagues.

(1) Gave press statements and held press conferences against the PFF in the electronic and print media being a sitting member of PFF Congress and President of Punjab Football Association.

(2) Had publicly criticized the Senior Management of PFF having remained the member of the same management, thereby tried to tarnish the image of PFF and bringing the game in disrepute.

(3) Through his repeated press statements has tried to level baseless frivolous and concocted allegations on honorable Members of PFF Congress and senior elected Officials. Has repeated allegations which are mere figments of his imagination and self serving and are borne out of personal malice, towards officials of PFF performing their duties as per PFF Constitution.

(4) When charged with the violation of PFF Code of Conduct and Discipline, according to which no official/PFF staff can act against the interest of PFF or make any Press statements or address letter to Media denied to come under this PFF Code of Conduct and Discipline being President Punjab Football Association, despite fully knowing that according to the definition of “Official” given at Para 2 and 3 of PFF Constitution, the category of people fall in the category of Official include : PFF Board members (Congress/Executive Committee), Coaches/Referees, attendants and people responsible for technical, medical and administration matters of Provincial Associations, Referees Associations and service organizations affiliated with PFF besides Committee members, Provincial Associations and a body subordinate to a unit or Provincial Associations.

(5) Arshad Lodhi has developed a mental state where he thinks he is the only one who is correct and all the others honorable members of the PFF Congress are at fault and allegedly engaged in unconstitutional activities. This strange behavior can only be attributed to his psychological depression which has made him totally devoid of even basis of common senses.

(6) Arshad Lodhi tantamounts to being a one man demolition squad whereby he has deliberately tried to undermine the record and phenomenal achievements of PFF and its various bodies/units over the past 4 years.

(7) He and his allegedly colleagues have failed to uphold the values of discipline and spirit of the game and tired to hold the entire body of PFF hostage to their personal whims and interests. This state of mind of Arshad Lodhi and his colleagues render them liable to the strictest of disciplinary actions.

(8) He being a former senior official of PFF and sitting President of Punjab Football Association should have fully well known the normes and values attached to upholding the good name of this sport. Furthermore, he is also obliged and duly bound to enforce strictly the PFF Code of Conduct within the various units and members of his Provincial Association.

(9) Enforcement of discipline is inevitable to the promotion and conduct of football. During his tenure as General Secretary of PFF, he has taken several measures and decisions with the approval of the President and Congress of PFF in enforcing strictly the disciplinary Code of Conduct. The Disciplinary Committee has gone through all such decisions which are also placed on record. It is, therefore, simply incomprehensible that a person with such a background should indulge in such a brazen manner in controversial and uncalled for public rhetoric simply to seek publicity and further his personal agenda in total disregard and open violation to the decisions of PFF Congress meeting held on 3 March 2007. Where in PFF New Constitution was ratified/implemented and appointment of a full time paid General Secretary was approved, and Arshad Lodhi had to leave.

(10) Has not only tried to tarnish the image of Makhdoom Syed Faisal Saleh Hayat, President PFF, but has also tried to make him controversial figure through his concocted, self imagined and baseless allegations. Faisal Saleh Hayat, because of his past 4 years historic record and phenomenal achievements for the development of football in Pakistan, has been re-appointed member of AFC Disciplinary Committee for the second term till 2011 – an honor never bestowed upon any PFF official in 60 years history of Pakistan.

By taking this strict disciplinary action against Arshad Lodhi and his alleged colleagues, a clear message has been given by PFF to all football lovers in Pakistan that the present setup will continue following the promised path of fair play, merit and enforcement of Discipline without any discrimination.